Onboarding GSoC’21

Aditya Srivastav
2 min readMay 31, 2021


From getting selected to this very day, I've learned something new each day about this wonderful community I’ll be working with this summer. The bonding and interaction that I have received from this rich community will surely stay with me for life.

Starting with the experience, Zulip is used as a major platform for all interactions with the community members. From providing constructive suggestions to congratulating you for the success, the members are really helpful and maintain the best working environment.

A screenshot from the channel.

Later this week, we had an interactive GSoC and Outreachy video call, wherein I got to know fellow participants and administrators of the organization. We discussed the new projects, how they will help the community and improve Wikimedia.

Find Me ;)

At the weekend, I had a conference video call with the mentors for the project Nicolas Raoul and Madhur Gupta, I got to know about their journey in WMF, discussed the project, and a lot of insights on how Wikimedia works.

These two weeks I was in direct contact with my mentors through chat, we went through all the different aspects of the project, approaches, and best strategies that would definitely prove to be a key during actual implementation. Project setup and dry implementation of the project’s skeleton was the next thing I did.

The project I’ll be working on this summer is about implementing a custom picture selector directly into the app that would help save time, effort and undoubtedly improve the user experience.

Overall my community bonding period was really great, the mentors are awesomest (if that is a word ;) and the best community I would’ve hoped for.

I’m extremely excited and apparently ready to dive into the project and make it count ;)