Here we are, the final week of GSoC’21. This week was primarily focused on making the Custom Selector merge ready by the internationalization of constants, refactoring, and updating tests.

Reading through to identify any vulnerable code was an important part we performed this week. …

Over the following week of the GSoC, I worked on adding some extra features to the Custom Selector.

The first feature that I implemented was “Begin where you left off” i.e restoring the custom selector state on relaunch. Previously, whenever one tapped the custom selector, a new instance of the…

One of the most important phases of development is writing unit tests to check your code.

What are unit tests u ask?

Unit test as the name suggests is testing the smallest piece of code that can be logically isolated i.e a unit. …

Now it was time to store the data locally and with `Jetpack Room` it must be child’s play right?

Oh yeah, but before the implementation of any database table, we must make sure the kind of data we want to store and query operations we need to perform. …

Coding through the second and third weeks of GSoC resulted in a working prototype of the custom selector for Wikimedia Commons. 🎉

The custom selector can now be used to upload any media from the user's device. It accurately shows the upload status fetched from the API.

Image Selection

The second and…

In the final week of community bonding apart from the general discussion of the project schedule, I set up the project and tested the API which lets us check whether a certain media is already on commons.

Diving deep I found out that I had to replicate some EXIF modifications…

From getting selected to this very day, I've learned something new each day about this wonderful community I’ll be working with this summer. The bonding and interaction that I have received from this rich community will surely stay with me for life.

Starting with the experience, Zulip is used as…

11:22 pm 17th May 2021 is the timestamp of the unforgettable moment. The moment when I received the mail from Google-Summer-Of-Code confirming that my proposal to Wikimedia Foundation has been accepted.

Aditya Srivastav Gsoc Acceptance Letter for Custom Picture Selector for Commons App

I wanted to participate in the GSoC since the beginning of my first year at college. The overwhelming moment was no less than a dream come true for me.

I’ve been contributing to Open Source for a year now and extremely excited about the GSoC this year. I am looking forward to an enriching experience.

Aditya Srivastav

A geek who loves everything.

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